The liquidators claim Zhu Su (and Kyle Davies) are located in Indonesia, and the Emirates. Foreign court orders are difficult to enforce. News Collect this piece of crypto history. The NFTLiquidators of Three Arrows Capital (3AC), will need to present additional documents to allow them to subpoena the now bankrupt founders of the crypto hedge fund. This was a decision made by Martin Glenn, a virtual hearing held for the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court. According to a hearing presentation, “A communication protocol was established between the Liquidators & Founders, but has not yielded satisfactory cooper” The liquidators claimed that the founders of the company were located in Indonesia and the Emirates. These countries have difficulties enforcing foreign court orders. Cointelegraph reported that the founders refused to accept service through their Singapore counsel. This led to the liquidators seeking alternative methods to subpoena Su or Davies. Bloomberg reported on Oct. 18 that U.S. regulators had launched a probe into possible legal violations at 3AC. This led to the liquidators to seek alternative means to subpoena Su and Davies. He stated that the court considers it relevant to the issue regarding serving subpoenas. […] However, Rule 45 raises the question of whether this court can exercise personal jurisdiction over either one. This is a matter of citizenship. The judge also stated that authorizing the issuance a subpoena from an alternative service such as Twitter would only be possible if it was an “enforceable order.” “Related to: 3AC liquidators’ legal team blasts founders for shifting blame onto FTX, media blitz amid bankruptcyTeneo, which is in charge of the bankruptcy process, said that it had custody of NFTs from Starry Night Capital addresses. The liquidators claim to have seized $35.6 million in fiat currencies owned by Singapore banks or the company’s pre-appointment attorneys. Additionally, more than 60 types of tokens were identified and are being held under liquidators’ custody in a digital currency custody account. They can be converted to US dollars as necessary.


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