$24K Bitcoin – Is it time for BTC and other altcoins to be bought? Market Talks Live


As we discuss whether it’s worth stacking some sats or buying into some attractive altcoins, join us. Video Own this piece in history Collect this article to become an NFT. In this week’s Market Talks episode, Cointelegraph welcomes Michail van de Poppe, a full time day/swing trader in cryptocurrency based at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. He’s interested in all things blockchain and the current financial system. Eight Global, which he founded and is the CEO, is van de Poppe’s perspective on the current market. We also get his thoughts about how things are at the moment. Most people’s views about external macro factors that affect crypto prices are centered on the United States. Van de Poppe is based Amsterdam so we can find out what other macro and/or geopolitical factors he considers when assessing crypto markets. After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission crackdown on stablecoins and exchanges and the not-so hot Consumer Price Index (CPI), Bitcoin (BTC), made a move that was contrary to what many market participants expected. Van de Poppe shares his thoughts and reasons for this. We discuss van de Poppe’s investment strategy in altcoins and how Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (Bitcoin) impact his decisions. Everyone is thinking about the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. Each person has their own theories on what will happen after the upgrade is completed. Van de Poppe shares his thoughts on Ether over the next six-months and how he plans to trade the upgrade. The professional’s perspective on the matter is shared, as well as his thoughts on how 2023 will play out for the U.S. stock market and global markets. You can also leave your comments and questions throughout the show. Market Talks streams live every Thursday at 12:00 PM ET (5:00 PM UTC). It features interviews with the most influential and inspirational people in the crypto and blockchain industries each week. For all future updates and videos, make sure you visit Cointelegraph Markets & Research YouTube page.


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