83% of respondents confess to being attracted to crypto enthusiasts in a Valentine’s Day survey


Binance’s Valentine’s Day survey suggests that cryptocurrencies may be a key element in attracting a partner. News Collect this piece of history as an NFTS. An interest in cryptocurrency could be the key to attracting a partner. Binance conducted a global survey to find out the opinions of 2,600 people. If the data is reliable, an avid interest in crypto could be a key factor in a relationship. The open survey asked nine questions about participants’ attitudes to cryptocurrencies, dating, and romance. It took place between February 6 and February 9. 2,600 people took part in the survey. Their ages ranged from 18 to 46. 70% of survey participants said that they would be keener on going on a date with someone who was also interested in cryptocurrencies.Related: Nifty News: Find love in Paris Hilton’s metaverse, BTC CryptoPunks soar and more60% of respondents noted that crypto interest made potential partners more appealing, as it indicates that the person is ‘tech-savvy’, open to innovation and technological advancement.38% of surveyed individuals said that their patterns had equal interest and passion for crypto, while 27% revealed that they had introduced their partners to Web3, crypto and blockchain.It also seems that receiving cryptocurrencies as a gift was superior to roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, with 83% of the respondents indicating that they’d prefer to receive a crypto gift card.American socialite and serial entrepreneur Paris Hilton also married crypto, blockchain and Valentine’s Day in 2023, hosting a virtual reality dating experience show in The Sandbox.


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