$8K plunge or $22K rebound Bitcoin traders expect Q1 BTC price action


When Bitcoin attempts to get out of its postFTX trading range, anything could happen. Markets News Ho,ho-ho! Markets News Ho-ho-ho! Crypto Tony warned that Bitcoin could fall to $8,000 and a new chart revealed that. Crypto Tony stated that he was still short and is looking for a push down into the range low. Source: Crypto Tony/ TwitterCred – Reclaim $19,000 Zone to Change TrendFor Cred, a fellow trader, it’s also about the range. Cred stated that monthly and weekly support are at $14,000 and $12,000 respectively. “With that said, what can we do if we aren’t at these levels? If you don’t want to get support, you can always show me a failed break from support as a bullish argument.” Cred added. This could make it possible to reclaim the $18-19,000 area, which was broken through by FTX in November. The price action for subsequent weeks could then be referred to as a “failed breakdown”. BTC/USD annotated chart (screenshot). Source: Cred/ TwitterKaleo – Strong attraction to $22,000 in Q1A more optimistic view of what could happen in Q1 comes from Kaleo, a popular Twitter account. Source: Kaleo/ Twitter “This is what you should be looking forward to in early 2023,” Kaleo said.


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