Andrew Weiner, Vice President of MEXC Global, explains the appeal of futures trading


Andrew Weiner, a 6-year veteran in the crypto industry is the Vice President of MEXC Global. He was a former executive at RegTech and digital identity pioneer iComplyKYC. He worked with prominent brands such as IBM, ComplyAdvantage and Mastercard to deliver innovative solutions for Virtual Asset Service Providers across over 170+ countries.
Andrew joined the News Podcast recently to discuss futures trading, liquidity, regulatory challenges, and why the “West market is four years behind Asia”.

About MEXC
MEXC is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, offering one-stop trading services for spot and ETF futures, Staking, NFT Index, and more than 10,000,000 users worldwide. The core team has a strong background in traditional finance and has technical security guarantees for cryptocurrency products and services. MEXC Global was awarded the title of “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange” in October 2021. It currently supports trading more than 1,700 cryptocurrency and is the platform that allows for the fastest launch of new projects and the most tradable types.
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