Blockchain-based infrastructure is the future of carbon markets, crypto and commodities


A new paradigm has emerged from the ashes and demise of old crypto exchanges. Use Case The environment is now a top priority. This is evident in the rising carbon dioxide emissions, which are expected to reach 414.72 parts per millions by 2021, a new record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate report. Many countries have made it clear that they are working to reduce their carbon emissions, keeping in mind the potential impact of these emissions on climate. The United States, for example, has made public its plan for environmental commodity measurement via the Bureau of Economic Analysis. However, it is not possible for many sectors to achieve absolute zero carbon emissions. Therefore, carbon offset becomes essential for reducing residual emissions. This model allows organizations to offset residual carbon emissions by investing in carbon-absorbing projects. Carbon offsets then become a method for tracking the number of credits an individual or organization needs to be carbon neutral.Consequently, the president and founder of 1GCX, Michael Wilson shares:”Environmental commodities, a class of assets that exist as non-tangible energy credits, are now recognized as the most crucial value creators in the next 10-50 years.”Consider that with the environment and carbon becoming a top priority for the world, the traditional way the world will view energy and, more importantly, value, is also likely to shift. When more countries adopt an energy-credit-first model, the value in dollars may not be sustainable. Additionally, countries may begin to recognize non-tangible credit as part of their balance sheets. Recognizing energy is more sensible than dollars when you consider the amount of U.S. debt and the fact that paying it off requires a surplus budget. There is currently no unified solution to the carbon market that allows all participants to quickly and seamlessly capture the value carbon commodities. Today, several private companies offer carbon offsets to companies or individuals, each representing investments of contributions to forestry or other projects with a negative carbon footprint.Alternatively, buyers may purchase credits on a carbon exchange, but unfortunately, traditional finance (TradFi) has a poor reputation for being archaic and part of a suppressive system. High-quality carbon credits can be difficult to find because verification methods vary. Our civilization is built on trade, economics and currency. If freedom is to be idealized, then liberty and responsibility are the only paths forward. Cryptocurrency brings money, value and systems to the forefront of people’s consciousness. We are at the edge of a new age, and the choice is one to consciousness.1GCX is taking a commodity-first approach to these issues. The exchange is a green technology that can bring new markets to cryptocurrency market valuations. It highlights its most promising projects. The two-way bridge that results in carbon offset trading is part of a wider, holistic market that can facilitate education, adoption, and connection across crypto industry. 1GCX adopted a market-making, commodities first approach to redesign its financial market. This platform is different from other exchanges because it allows for the cross-application and pairing of crypto, commodities, and carbon credits. This will provide users with a new experience for trading on the platform and access to live markets in energy and carbon. 1GCX will be an ecosystem. It will offer a platform for users to trade on the platform, with access to live markets in carbon and energy. The platform’s exchange was built on the best foundations of TradFi and has committed to adding new cryptocurrency assets each week. It also shares its roadmap plans to create the first digitalized carbon assets from a variety offset verifiers around world. These assets will be available for trade in Q4 2022. 1GCX is expected to offer fast settlements and low fees. This material is made available in partnership with 1GCXDisclaimer. Cointelegraph does NOT endorse any content or products on this page. We do our best to provide you with the most relevant information we can find. However, readers should conduct their own research before making any decisions about the company. This article cannot be considered investment advice.


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