Blur fulfills its promise, Its Long-Awaited Native Coin Is Now Live


Key Points: Blur’s native token has finally become live. This is a significant step forward for the NFT market.
The token will allow users to participate in the platform’s governance and, through community ownership, to benefit from the success of the marketplace.
According to the company, recipients of airdropped BLUR tokens were allowed to claim them within 60 days.
Blur, the zero-fee, non-fungible token (NFT), marketplace Blur, has finally debuted its native token after months of anticipation. The company sent out a tweet Monday advising users to double-check that they are following the official account, before claiming tokens. Blur’s marketplace was opened last October with the promise of token incentives to traders. Already, users have received “care packages” which are in place of future token allotments. Users may finally be able to open their care packages today, after a late-morning delay. According to Dune Analytics data, 360 million BLUR tokens were airdropped to care-package holders. Traders have 60 days to claim their BLUR tokens, but approximately 57% of the total supply (more than 200 million) has been airdropped to care package holders, according to early Dune Analytics data. The first wave was available to qualified Ethereum NFT users, who used a rival marketplace within the six months preceding Blur’s debut. The final wave is for traders who have placed bids on NFTs via the NFT marketplace. Blur launched in October with a plan for professional NFT traders. While the royalty-optional market has fuelled the ongoing argument between creators, markets, it has not been able to match OpenSea in terms transaction volume. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewstheTags: BlurBLUR tokensEthereumNFTOpenSea


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