Breaking: Circle squashes rumors about SEC enforcement actions


Rumours circulated on Twitter that the stablecoin-issuer had received a lawsuit notice from the U.S. securities regulator. However, a Circle executive refuted the claim. News Collect this piece of history. Circle denies rumors that it was issued a “Wells Notice” by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This was due to the stablecoin’s status as an unregistered security. Dante Disparte (City Strategy Officer and Head, Global Policy at Circle Pay), clarified via Twitter that his firm had not received a Wells Notification.– Dante Disparte (@ddisparte) February 14, 2023
Dante replied to Terrett in a follow-up tweet that she had accepted her apology. She said: “Alas there is a lot churn swirl and rumors informing market right now. “The original tweet by Terrett has been deleted. Her Twitter account has also been deleted.


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