Breaking: Dogecoin Foundation Announces the Development Fund, DOGE Price Rises


Dogecoin Foundation announced exciting news on Saturday. The foundation has created a new community Dogecoin Core fund to support Dogecoin development and the overall Dogecoin ecosystem. The Dogecoin community responded positively and saw DOGE rise by more than 2% in less than an hour.
Dogecoin Core Development Fund
The Dogecoin Foundation announced the creation of a new core development fund for the Dogecoin community in an official announcement, December 31. Initially, 5,000,000 DOGE was transferred by the Dogecoin Foundation to the development fund.


Dogecoin Foundation board directors signatories and core developers will manage the development. This team will ensure that Dogecoin Core receives 5 million DOGE. The Core’s development is crucial and beneficial to the Dogecoin ecosystem. The team will publish blog posts about all expenditures and developments in an effort to keep things transparent.
Dogecoin Core developers will operate the new multi-signature wallet. Members of the Dogecoin Foundation will also manage it. The DOGE in the wallet will be quickly disbursed to Dogecoin Core developers. This requires three signatures from each of the five custodians.
Chromatic (Dogecoin Core Developer), Marshall Hayner, Michi Lumin (Dogecoin Core Developer, Dogecoin Foundation Board), Patrick Lodder (“Dogecoin Core” developer), Ross Nicoll (“Former Dogecoin Core” developer) are the custodians. The money in the wallet is not the property of the custodians.
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According to BitInfoCharts, the wallet address currently holds 4,999.999.90 DOGE tokens, which are worth almost $342K.
Marshall Hayner has been added to the Dogecoin Foundation’s board of directors in recognition of his contributions to Dogecoin development.
“His unwavering commitment to Dogecoin and the development of Dogecoin has inspired many. Marshall brings a wealth of technical and executive leadership experience to the Dogecoin Foundation. He was instrumental in creating this Core Development fund.
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DOGE Price Jumps


Dogecoin’s price has been trending higher as Elon Musk suggested Dogecoin integration into Twitter to pay for payments. DOGE prices jumped by 2% within an hour after the Foundation announced the development fund.
The DOGE price is $0.0702 at the time of writing. This is nearly 4% higher than the previous 24 hours. The 24-hour lows and highs are $0.0669 (and $0.0703 respectively).
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Breaking: Dogecoin Foundation Announces the Development Fund, DOGE Price Rises
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