CleanSpark increases computing power by 37% using thousands of new Bitmain Rigs


The Bitcoin miner announced that it had purchased 20,000 Antminer Pro+ units at a 25% discount. This is approximately $13.25 per Terrahash. News Own this piece in history CleanSpark has purchased 20,000 Antminer S19jPro+ units for $43.6million. This purchase will allow it to increase its US mining capacity. CleanSpark expects to increase its computing power by 37% and bring the total number of miners purchased in the bear market to 46,000. CleanSpark announced that it will pay $32.3million for the machines after applying coupons. This is a 25% discount, or an average price per terrahash at $13.25. The Pro+ rigs have 22% higher productivity than its predecessor models and will be delivered in batches between March-May. The company is taking advantage of the lower market rig prices to increase its mining capacity while the Bitcoin (BTC), price rises. According to data from Hashrate Index the current price per TH for the same efficiency Bitcoin mining ASICs is $15.09, which is well below the $90.72 that was seen 12 months ago. CleanSpark stated that the Antminer S19j Pro+ model provides a better return than similar ASIC-generation machines. CleanSpark stated that the Antminer S19j Pro+ will add 2.44 EH/s to CleanSpark’s existing 6.6 EH/s bitcoin mining computing power (for an overall of 9 EH/s), which is a 37% increase. Bitcoin ASIC Price Index. Source: Hashrate IndexCleanSpark claims the acquired models are still more attractive to its operations under current market conditions. The S19j Pro+ produces 122 terahash per unit and consumes 2 joules less energy per terahash than the S19j Pro model. The new machines will be delivered to 15,000 locations within the company’s Washington, Georgia location. CleanSpark announced in January that it was expanding the site by $16 million. This will increase the site’s hash rate by 2.2 exahashes every second and total hash rate to 8.7 EH/s. The company acquired the facility in August 2013 and took over Mawson Infrastructure Group’s Sandersville facility. Wow. $CLSK purchased 20,000 Antminer Pro+ units at a 25% discount. This brings the total number of #bitcoin mining machines purchased in the #bearmarket to 46,500. This is expected to add 2.44 EH/s to our current #BTC #hashrate of 6.6 EH/s.Full release:– CleanSpark Inc. (@CleanSpark_Inc) February 16, 2023
According to Hashrate Index, public-listed mining companies saw an increase in mining production and hash rate in January after a difficult year in 2022, which saw declining Bitcoin prices and high electricity bills. CleanSpark saw a 50% increase in its Bitcoin mining production, reaching an all-time high of 697 Bitcoins per month. Its hash rate jumped to 6.6 EH/s, from 6.2 EH/s December. This was due to stable electricity prices and improved weather conditions in the United States.


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