Cointelegraph Top 100 2023 Edition: The hardest one yet


Only one week remains before the Top 100 in Cointelegraph’s Top 100 is revealed. Profiles 21-30 are now available. Opinion Buy this piece of history. The NFTA lot for 2023 is on the line after a very turbulent year for the cryptocurrency industry. We look forward to seeing the space’s vindication. Although January gave us some hope, more recently with Kraken staking and the Paxos-issued BUSD stablecoin, the crypto industry is facing a lot of uncertainty. We look forward to seeing some vindication for the entire space. We believe in decentralization. It has never let us down. And we have hope. We hope the global economy will recover. We are looking forward to discovering new heroes and champions to take the space to new heights. With the Bitcoin (BTC), halving imminent, that’s what the Cointelegraph Top 100 list for 2018 is all about. The editorial team tried to highlight those who made or will make an impact on the industry. In some cases it could be both. The list includes a little bit of everything. Our editorial team had a lot of input on the list. We even made it available for the community to vote via a separate landing page. We considered some great suggestions, despite all the bots trying to skew the results. We are grateful! Yes, it hurts. There were some terrible stories that happened due to Terra and FTX going down, among other things. These failures are a learning opportunity for the industry. It allows us to reevaluate our approach to growth and defend what is important to us. There are always hiccups in the rise of a well-known technology. We tried to be open and honest about our failures and show how we can keep moving forward on our path towards global adoption of crypto tech and blockchain. The team decided to create dynamic backgrounds for each profile. This was a tradition. Given the recent boom in artificial intelligence (AI), and its potential to transform the creation process, dynamic pictures were our way of saying that humans can still make it better. The AI tool also created a bonus profile. Can you guess which one? Keep checking our Twitter for more information. We will announce the results there. With only one week until the full list is revealed, we are close to the top third. Everyone will soon know who took the top spot. Keep watching.


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