Crypto and Capitulation – Is there a silver thread? Watch Market Talks on Cointelegraph


We will be discussing the current state and potential solutions to the capitulation of the crypto market. Ray Salmond, Cointelegraph’s head of markets, will host the show. Magdalena Gronowska will be our special guest. Cointelegraph YouTube Subscribe Buy this piece of crypto history Profits have been slowly falling for Bitcoin (BTC), miners as well. How likely is it that most miners will close down and sell their Bitcoins while still making a profit, especially considering how many of them are struggling to manage their debt? How will this affect the rest of market? During the bull market there were many synergies between energy companies and Bitcoin mining companies. How has the current extended crypto winter affected these plans and relationships? Gronowska is a long-standing industry veteran and co-founder of Citadel 256. This enterprise-scale Bitcoin mining company. We are curious about how this has impacted institutional investors and mass adoption. Is the industry losing its confidence? For the longest time, crypto advocates have advocated for minimal or no regulation. They have also been pro-privacy and anti-authority. However, recent events have made it clear that regulations are necessary and should be monitored by the government. How much regulation is too much? What kind of regulations are best for crypto investors and encourage a strong market? To find out all the answers, make sure you stay tuned to the end. Market Talks streams live every Thursday at 12:00 PM ET (5:00 PM UTC). We feature interviews with the most influential and inspirational people in the crypto and blockchain industries each week. For all future updates and videos, make sure you visit Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel and hit the Like and Subscribe buttons.


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