Crypto Stories: How Bitcoin helped a couple start their family


The Bitcoin family in London has “no regrets” about selling Bitcoin to start a family. Video Ho-hoo-ho! Limited Holiday Trait Noodle’s story, which is not his real name, is told in a Cointelegraph crypto story. In vitro fertilization (IVF), can be costly. Success rates range from 4% to 38% depending on many factors. Noodle was able to purchase and hold Bitcoin, which provided him with the funds he needed to start a family. Noodle preferred selling Bitcoin to taking out a loan. He converted more than $70,000 in Bitcoin into fiat currency over the course of a few years to help pay for the treatments. [embedded material]Noodle’s journey to Bitcoin began while he was working out at the gym. A friend introduced him to Silk Road, a marketplace where users can sell and buy various items using Bitcoin. Noodle bought seven Bitcoins at $57 each, and used them to purchase cannabis online. Noodle was soon immersed in the worlds of finance, education and Bitcoin. Noodle convinced his wife, with whom he had been married since 2008, to put some of their wedding money in Bitcoin. They didn’t realize that the investment would eventually fund IVF treatments. Noodle stated to Cointelegraph that he had no regrets about selling Bitcoin to start a family. He also stressed the importance of being able make informed financial decisions. Noodle made the right decision to sell Bitcoin and start his family. He is grateful for the opportunity provided by his Bitcoin investment.


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