CZ Don’t Believe in Circle Report BUSD and Binance To Regulators. “Circle is Smarter Than That”


Key Points:Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, held an AMA to answer questions from users on February 14.
The discussion is mainly focused on stablecoins, and specifically BUSD.
CZ stated that he didn’t believe in the baseless rumors amidst the information about Binnace and Circle.
Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Binance cofounder and CEO addressed the ongoing FUD surrounding stablecoin BUSD in a broad-ranging Twitter Spaces AMA.
“We want to continue working with industry players. I have spoken with Jeremy on several conference calls. I wouldn’t take the Bloomberg article too seriously.
CZ believes that any professional player in the sector knows that what affects one player will affect all. USDC would also have been affected if BUSD was affected. USDC’s market cap would have dropped. Changpeng Zhao stated that even if new BUSD minting ceases, the current circulating supply of BUSD is safe and no user should be harmed. CZ also stated on Twitter Space on February 14th that he doesn’t hold any NFTs but that he thinks NFT technology to be amazing.
“I don’t collect art. I don’t listen much to music either. I’m a programmer and want to manage a company. You probably already know this if you are reading my blog. I have a few NFTs, but I don’t know the wallet address that I used to receive them.”
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