Donald Trump Trading Card NFTs Seem to Have Skyrocketed in Value Despite Being Mocked For His ‘Major Announcement.


Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, announced his non-fungible token trading card collection. Trump’s NFTs were sold out within hours. Opensea statistics show that the floor value of the Trump NFT trading cards collection is now.49ether, or approximately $578.
Trump NFTs sell out, Cards quadruple in value on Opensea; Left-Leaning Political Commentators are Outraged
Donald Trump said in 2019 that he wasn’t a fan bitcoin (BTC). Today, the former president has used blockchain technology to release his NFT trading card. The 45,000 cards feature images of Trump as Superman, an astronaut and a cowboy among many other designs. There have been allegations that Trump’s NFTs team used stock images from Shutterstock, and left the Shutterstock watermarks onto the NFT photos.

Half of those mocking Trump for selling NFTs were silent when he was selling our nation’s future via record inflation.
December 15, 2022 — Libertarian Party (@LPNational).

Despite these claims, Trump’s NFT Cards have been very popular. stats indicate that Trump’s collection is second in sales after Bored Ape Yacht Club. Trump NFT sales have increased by 50.19% over the last 24 hours, and there has been $3,597.251 in sales. The $3.5 million was distributed across 4,749 transactions, 1,839 buyers, and 2,155 sellers.

Good morning and happy Saturday to everyone who agrees that it’s fantastic that House DEMs introduced legislation to ban trump from office under Section 14th Amendment so he can spend more of his time selling ridiculous digital Trump Card NFTs.
— BrooklynDad_Defiant!? (@mmpadellan) December 17, 2022

Opensea shows that the current floor value of Trump’s NFT cards stands at.49ether or $578. This is more than 4x the original $99 price at the time the sale was launched. According to Opensea metrics, there are approximately 15,811 Trump NFT card owners. 35% of these owners are unique. One user holds approximately 1,000 Trump NFT cards, making him the largest holder in the entire collection. Some claim that Donald Trump is the unknown Trump NFT owner who has 1,000 cards.

liberal NFT mfers seeing Trump Trading Card NFTs mooning
— Ashley (@AshleyDCan) December 16, 2022

Since Trump’s announcement, the NFT trading cards caused a commotion among left-leaning pundits. In a tweet, Joe Biden, the current U.S. president, mocked Trump by saying that Biden had “some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS in the last few weeks,” using all capital letters just like Trump. Lindy Li, a left-leaning political commentator, made fun of Trump’s NFT announcement when she said:
Trump’s big announcement was that he is selling NFTs. Melania announced that she was selling a $185,000 NFT. Ivanka made the big announcement to promote Goya beans. Don Jr. made the big announcement that he would sell 500 cameos. The White House is occupied by the most inept family.

Kurt Eichenwald (ex-New York Times (NYT), author) was one of the other proponents. He attempted to expose Trump’s NFT venture. Eichenwald wrote a blog post about his Substack in which he claimed that Trump’s trading card grift was worse than you think. Eichenwald discovered that shell companies are associated to NFT International LLC. Eichenwald concluded that NFT International LLC is not crooked, despite the fact that the former NYT columnist linked the company to people with bad reputations.
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