eBay NFT platform KnownOrigin launches creator smart contract


Users have tested the beta release of the creator contract. 84 contracts were deployed and 250 NFTs issued so far. News Collect this article as an NFT. According to a tweet on February 16, e-commerce platform eBay’s Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplace KnownOrigin will launch creator smart contract for its artists. Artists will be able split their earnings and receive royalties as co-creators with the new contract. According to KnownOrigin users have been testing the Creator Contract beta release for the last few weeks. There have been 84 contracts deployed so far and 250 editions of NFTs minted. All approved creators on KnownOrigin can now deploy and mint their own contracts for public release starting February 24. No programming knowledge is required for deployment. KnownOrigin was purchased by eBay last June for an undisclosed amount. David Moore, co-founder of KnownOrigin, stated that the Ethereum (ETH)-based platform aims to empower creators and collectors by giving them an opportunity to sell, collect, and showcase unique digital items. eBay has allowed NFT listings on its marketplace since May 2021. The company has not yet integrated blockchain technology to allow for crypto-based transfers or sales. Last May’s airdrop required users to use in-platform messaging and email to receive their NFTs from outside the platform. eBay does not support listings that solicit payments or transfer in cryptocurrency. KnownOrigin was founded in 2020. It is well-known for its small, dedicated community of NFT creators and artists. XCOPY’s collection is currently the most popular on the platform, with 27 editions, 559 sales, and a total of 563 sales. Known for its share of “digitally glitched” and flashing imagery artworks, the collection has surapssed 1,523.78 ETH ($2.56 million) in total sales volume.This piece is minted using KnownOrigin Creator Contracts, making use of the collaboration feature which will be available to all approved Creators on the 24th Feb!View the full Collection:https://t.co/Ye0fMlseOZ– KnownOrigin.io (@KnownOrigin_io) February 16, 2023


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