Elon Musk Announces to Remove All Legacy Blue Checks


There have been many changes to Twitter’s functioning since Elon Musk took over. Twitter has announced that all legacy blue checks will be discarded.
Elon Musk was responding to Mike Solana’s tweet. He stated that all legacy blue ticks would be removed within a few months. He claimed that the reason is because they were given in a corrupt and nonsensical manner.


We will soon remove all legacy blue checks. They were given out in a corrupt and nonsensical manner.
December 12, 2022, Elon Musk (@elonmusk).

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A blue tick was awarded to over 400,000 Twitter users. This was done to reduce spam and fake accounts. This badge was given to the most important people so that fake accounts couldn’t impersonate them.
Musk had announced that anyone can get the blue badge if they have an account older than 90 days and have a mobile number. This will be possible with a paid subscription. It costs 9 USD for Twitter web users, and 11 USD for iOS users.


Twitter has also added new benefits to the blue tick. Priority rankings will be available for search, mention, and tweet. This will allow the user to reduce spam and bot accounts’ visibility. These accounts will also receive half the amount of ads as compared to non-badged accounts. They will not see ads by next year.
Twitter stated that subscribers will have access to exclusive features starting today, including Edit Tweet, 1080p video uploads and reader mode. A blue checkmark will also be available (once your account has been reviewed).
Although the user can edit their profile information and name, the blue badge will not disappear until the account is reviewed again.
Musk also stated that Twitter’s previous management ignored fake accounts and bots in order to show more users.
On Monday, the platform launched its blue subscription. To prevent impersonation, the government will receive a grey checkmark and the business will get a gold checkmark.

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