Fidelity plans NFT market: Nifty Newsletter Dec. 21-27


Fidelity, an investment firm, recently filed trademarks that indicated its intention to enter the NFT/metaverse space. Newsletter Ho-hoo-ho! Get a Limited Holiday Trait Listen to the NFT Steez podcast to hear from Crypto Raiders about how hackers in North Korea use phishing websites as a way to target NFT holders. Don’t miss this week’s Nifty News, which features Square Enix, a Japanese gaming company investing millions in a NFT game developer. Fidelity plans NFT Marketplace and financial services in metaverse.Fidelity filed three trademark requests to the United States Patent Trademark Office on Dec. 21. The trademark filings include NFTs, NFT Marketplaces and metaverse investments services. This suggests that the firm plans to enter this space. The metaverse appears to be one of the firm’s main focuses, indicating that it may offer investment services in virtual worlds. These offerings could include mutual funds and retirement funds. Continue reading…Italy will create the crypto art Renaissance: NFT Market reportA Research and Markets report has predicted that Italy will see a 47.6% increase in its NFT Market by 2022. The total value of the Italian NFT market will reach $671 million. The report projected that Italy’s NFT market would grow at 34.6% annually over the next five years. In 2028, the spending value is expected to reach $3.6 billion. Continue reading…North Korean hackers steal NFTs using nearly 500 Phishing domains. A day before Christmas, SlowMist, a blockchain security firm, revealed that North Korean hackers had launched an extensive campaign targeting NFT users. According to the report, the attackers set up nearly 500 phishing domains in order to lure potential victims. Some websites impersonated popular NFT platforms like OpenSea and X2Y2 as well as Rarible. Fake websites also attempted to imitate a project related to the recent World Cup. Continue reading…Nifty news: Square Enix invests in NFT gaming company, Beeple talks about NFT art future, and moreJapanese gaming giant Square Enix recently spent $53 million to create mobile games and blockchain games and launch a metaverse initiative. An announcement suggested that the company was partnering with Gumi, a game developer, to create a game-NFT-focused market. Continue reading…Check Out Cointelegraph’s NFT Steez podcast. Thanks for reading this digest of the week’s most important developments in NFT. For more information and insights into this rapidly changing space, visit us again next Wednesday.


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