Filbfilb, a market analyst, believes that another’strong’ crypto bull Run may be ahead


Cointelegraph hosted Episode 5 of Crypto Trading Secrets podcast with Filbfilb, who answered questions about future Bitcoin market cycles, his history, and more. Podcast Own this piece Of History Collect this article as NFTCointelegraph’s Crypto Trading Secrets podcast released its fifth episode. Filbfilb is a popular crypto trader and analyst on Crypto Twitter. Since the introduction of Bitcoin (BTC), in 2009, the crypto market has seen many bull and bear markets. Since 2009, the crypto space has seen several bull and bear markets. This is largely due to the price action and market cycles for Bitcoin (BTC). It makes sense, since BTC is the most popular and well-established crypto asset. Filbfilb believes that the crypto industry may still have a large bull market, according to an interview with Benjamin Pirus recorded Jan 26. Filbfilb responded to a question about whether there will be bull or bear markets for Bitcoin. “Every market continues having bull and bear markets for whatever reasons,” he said, responding to a question about whether Bitcoin will continue to see bull and bear cycles. There is a good chance that crypto will experience a strong bull market. Each cycle brings more people in, more understanding, more acceptance of the goals being achieved, and more questioning around the ethos that led to it all. Filbfilb went on to explain his reasoning. Filbfilb did however voice his reservations about the potential extent of the bull market, pointing out that Bitcoin’s highs have become less dramatic over time, as shown by its logarithmic chart. Filbfilb talks about his life, including his career path, in the episode.


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