FTX Reveals the Address of $167 Million Seized by The Bahamas Authorities


Key Points: The FTX asset address was recovered by Bahamian officials and published on Twitter January 1 with the current assets of approximately $167 million.
The asset includes 38.41 Ethereum and almost 196 million FTT. $3.5 billion was claimed.
FTX published the address of the assets that were confiscated by the Bahamas authorities on January 1st. The address currently holds assets worth approximately $167 million, which includes 1938.41 Ethereum and almost 196 million FTT. The claim was for $3.5 billion. FTX has previously requested that the confiscated assets be returned to it by Bahamian authorities.According to FTX, when SCB seized its digital assets in November of this year, they were only worth $296 million. SCB was prompted to clarify its holdings as well as their value by the exchange. SCB began liquidating its Bahamian subsidiary, FTX digital markets Ltd., in November. SCB began liquidating FTX DM in November. It is a local service company that does not own the exchange and any confiscated cryptocurrencies. SCB did not specify the type or value of the assets. It was already known that federal investigators were investigating a number of bitcoin transactions linked to digital wallets belonging disgraced crypto millionaire Sam Bankman Fried. SDNY prosecutors are looking into whether Bankman-Fried is simply moving his own money around or is cashing out without authorization.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: https://linktr.ee/coincuWebsite: coincu.comChubbiCoincu NewsTags: BahamasBahamian authoritiesFTXFTX Collapsemarketprice


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