Future Rulers of the Meta: Top 5 Augmented Reality Businesses


The Metaverse, a spatial computing platform based on blockchain technology, offers virtual experiences. It is a virtual version of the real world that can be used to create and replicate it, including social interactions, money, trade, and property ownership.
The implementation of the metaverse has made communication easier via digital avatars. It is no longer a fantasy to have people chat about code in meetings and attend virtual concerts. It is hard to ignore the number of businesses that have carved out a niche in this metaverse in such a short time.


It’s not surprising that Meta (formerly Facebook) ranks first on this list. It changed its name to emphasize the metaverse in 2021. Facebook is a social network that allows users to connect with each other, form communities and socialize from the comforts of their own homes. Facebook’s metaverse technology has made it possible to connect with people all over the world in a way previously difficult.
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Microsoft is supporting Meta in its creation of a variety of applications for the metaverse. The company has been working closely with Qualcomm to create an AR chipset that will allow access to new features. Microsoft has updated AltspaceVR to become one of the most prominent companies creating the Metaverse. This makes it safer for users and players. Microsoft Mesh, the company’s metaverse platform called Microsoft Mesh, allows presence and shared experiences via mixed reality apps from anywhere and on every device.
NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform that allows you to simulate and connect to virtual worlds. The Omniverse allows digital content creators to virtually collaborate to create 3D content.
The Omniverse can simulate particles and fluids, as well as materials, prints, and cables, while adhering strictly to the laws of Physics. This makes it ideal to design products, train robots, and build digital twins of cities and factories.


Nikeland is the latest metaverse entry by the sportswear giant Nike. Nikeland, an ecommerce platform created by Brainiac Commerce and fully managed, allows other technologically-based brands and merchants to drive scalable consumers traffic to their products. This world will allow players to wear digital Nike apparel, further replicating the real-life experience in virtual reality.
Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate and entertainment conglomerate is focusing on the metaverse through TiMi Studio Group, its game development company. It owns a number of highly regarded businesses. It will however use Tencent Games, its game development division to focus on the metaverse strategy.
The business recently established a “extended reality” division to create tools and services in the metaverse. Despite continual efforts to reduce costs, the company claimed that the unit would eventually employ 300 people.
The future of the metaverse could have a significant impact on different business sectors. The Metaverse allows one to communicate quickly and opens up endless possibilities. To duplicate business operations, immersive simulations can be used by your businesses. Every business sector is ready to use this technology in their operations. They can use this technology to better serve customers in every sector, from real estate to eCommerce to education.
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