GBBC Digital Finance becomes an affiliate member of an international securities organization


GBBC Digital Finance is now among more than 200 affiliated members of International Organization of Securities Commissions. This group also includes 35 national regulators. News Own this piece of History Collect this article as an NFTGBBC. NFTGBBC announced February 16 that it is now an affiliate member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions. International organization that promotes international standards in securities. 35 national securities regulators are among the IOSCO members, along with more than 200 affiliated organizations. GBBC Digital Finance is the 70th member of the Affiliate Members Consultative Committee. The committee is responsible for determining IOSCO standards and policy. The committee members also form groups that conduct annual trainings on securities-related topics. In July, the IOSCO released a Crypto-Asset Roadmap. Lawrence Wintermeyer, Chair of the GBBC Digital Finance, stated in a statement that “We will work closely with IOSCO in 2023 to best engage our member in providing any assistance possible to the two IOSCO Crypto-Asset Roadmap groups, Crypto and Digital Assets(CDA) and Decentralised Finance [DeFi]. “The March paper by the IOSCO on DeFi highlighted several risks that it saw in this technology. In July, the IOSCO teamed with the Bank for International Settlements in order to issue guidance regarding stablecoins. Related: IOSCO demands tighter oversight over ‘finfluencers.’ The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), a global industry association that promotes blockchain technology, engages in education efforts, and has been a presence at World Economic Forum. In May 2022, it merged with Global Digital Finance to create GBBC Digital Finance. We’re very proud to announce that GBBC Digital Finance has joined the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) as an Affiliate Member.Read our full press release here:– GBBC Digital Finance (@GlobalDigitalFi) February 16, 2023
The new organization had 500 institutional members at the time of the merger and 178 ambassadors across 95 jurisdictions. Emma Joyce, CEO of GBBC Digital Finance, stated in a statement on February 16 that “Our priority at GDF 2023 is engagement and policy makers and jointly examining ways we might construct a DeFI educational and engagement platform.”


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