Hello Pets Showcase an Open Entertainment Ecosystem, and Aim to Be the Next Disney in Web3


Hello Pets is creating an open entertainment ecosystem that allows the community to share in the creation and storytelling of shared IPs. Hello Pets, in addition to their adorable pet characters and inviting other NFT characters into their stories, invite holders and communities to create incredible content together. This paradigm shift is believed by Hello Pets to be a way to fully unleash the potential of the community. Their ultimate goal is becoming the next Disney in Web3.
How will Web3 revolutionize the entertainment industry?
When an artist wishes to incorporate well-known IPs into her work (e.g. She must pay an IP authorization fee and spend considerable time communicating, negotiating, signing contracts with the IP owners to incorporate the characters from Disney, Nintendo, or Marvel into her new story.
In the NFT world, she only needs to buy an NFT in most cases. She can then use the characters to create derivative works and incorporate it into her brand to add value. Both parties win. She can add content and entertainment to her brand using the IP; secondly, she can draw fans to her brand, increasing her reach; and thirdly, the derivatives she created increase the IP’s exposure and increase its value.

Hello Pets team takes the opportunity of NFT’s new IP licensing system to build the entertainment ecosystem for the future.
Begin your journey with Adorable Pet Characters
Hello Pets aims to reach the mainstream market by focusing on their core characters. Adorable pets are loved by everyone, regardless of age or background. They bring joy to people’s lives and bring them joy. They created a collection of pet characters that can emotionally connect with people and are easy to use to create derivative works in many art forms.

Hello Pets World can incorporate external NFT characters
Hello Pets goes beyond entertainment companies and takes advantage of the NFT world’s efficient IP licensing system. They can easily incorporate characters from other NFT collections by holding them, and inviting their owners to join the content creation of Hello Pets.

Both the digital and physical worlds covered
Hello Pets uses the most recent technologies in game engines, AI and Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D printing. The products will not only cover digital applications such as movies, music, games, metaverses, and more but also physical applications such as lego-like toys and fashion products, home decor, and so on.

Unleashing the creative power of the community
Hello Pets is different from other entertainment companies because the content is not created only by the team but also by the community.
The team believes that one content-producing company can’t compete with the collective power of the community. Because the creativity of the masses are infinite, so can a single content-producing firm. According to them, the next Disney should be a decentralized entertainment system where the community is involved in the storytelling. This is the beginning of a revolution. The team is attempting to create a world in which the art is created by and for the community and the value generated is shared between the ecosystem participants.

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