Here’s how much your $100 investment in Binance Coin will be worth if BNB reaches $500


BNB, Binance’s native cryptocurrency, has grown to be a major player in just a few years. It now has a market capitalization worth $42 billion and a daily volume of $8 million.
BNB started at $0.1 in 2017 and reached an all-time high price of $690 in May 2021. It has a remarkable ROI of 230,184.69% since its inception. This is the estimated return on investment if purchased at the time of launch or at a earliest price.


BNB currently trades at $264.82. This is 61.60% lower than its all-time high. BNB has experienced a 7.19% price drop in the past week and a 4.24% decrease in the month. Its value has declined by 3.70% over the past 3 months and 49.78% over the last year.
However, according to, BNB will cross the $500 mark by 2026. BNB’s market capitalization and all-time high is a strong indication that BNB will surpass the $500 threshold in the next bull run or in the future.

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Here’s how much your $100 investment in Binance Coin will be worth if BNB reaches $500
Let’s say you decide to invest $100 on Binance coins. At the current price of $264.82 you would receive approximately 0.377 BNB Coins. BNB will reach $500 to give you $188.80 or 180% return on investment.


You will also receive 3.77 BNB coins if you purchase $1000 worth of BNB at the current price. You will earn approximately $1888 when BNB reaches $1.
Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be an investment advice. Before investing in any asset, please do your research.
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