How low can Bitcoin prices go?


BTC is a “buy-the-dip” opportunity. The BTC price is $16,000. This could be a bear market capitulation or a buy-the-dip opportunity. Markets News Bitcoin (BTC), which is currently at $16,000, is a “buy the dip” opportunity. Depending on who you ask, it could be a bear market capitulation or a buy the dip opportunity. Cointelegraph looks at the opinions of some of the most prominent crypto market commentators. It is simply a ratio of the overall market age divided by 6,000,000. Woobull, an analytics resource, explains that this is a “calibration factor.” “Looking back in time, CVDD has acted as a significant line in the sand, and if this time is no different, BTC/USD could already be giving buyers the best possible profit opportunity.According to Woobull, CVDD currently lies at around $15,900. CryptoBullet shared the following message on November 26: “I feel comfortable purchasing Bitcoin here at CVDD.” “Can it go lower?” It can. It can. However, if another crypto company goes bankrupt, or something similar, $BTC will drop below CVDD. The downtrend is over for the majority of time. Annotated chart: “Bitcoin Cumulative Valuation Days Destroyed” Source: CryptoBullet/ TweetFilbfilb: $6,000. This is the “worst-case scenario”. Source: TradingViewMany eyes on the $14,000 prize. Source: TradingViewMany eyes on the $14,000 prizeFilbfilb’s upper band of bid support on exchange order books is a popular target for an increasing number of commentators.Related: Will Bitcoin hit $110K in 2023? Source: Glassnode Source: Glassnode. $13,900 is a support line on weekly timeframes. This line has remained untested since at least the second half 2020, according to Rekt Capital analyst. Source: Rekt Capital/ TwitterThe opinions, thoughts, and views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Cointelegraph.


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