Just-In: Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade may be delayed as developers discover issues


Tim Beiko, an Ethereum core developer, said Friday that Marius VanDerWijden discovered a vulnerability in Shapella’s public test network. The issue was discovered during full synchronization empty blocks, which does not allow transactions or withdrawals.
Other clients reported the same problem. VanDerWijden stated that the team discovered that Go Ethereum (Geth), client nodes were having difficulty syncing to the Zhejiang testnet.


“The amazing bug fix was achieved after 4 and a 1/2 stressful hours of debugging. There were reports that geth nodes weren’t synchronizing the Zhejiang Devnet correctly. The problem was that if a block was empty (no withdrawals, tx), we wouldn’t initialize the block body correctly.
Developers believe that the problem can be fixed by a patch, as it is easy to test. Core developer Tim Beiko also stated that an additional Hive test was proposed to ensure the issue is properly resolved.
The issue is unlikely to impact the Sepolia upgrade scheduled for February 28th at 4 AM UTC. The blog and client releases for the upgrade will be announced in the early part of next week.
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The Shanghai upgrade of Ethereum will take place in March. It will allow withdrawals of Ethereum staked and rewards on the Beacon Chain. It is activated by three testnets Zhejiang and Sepolia.
Shapella refers two Ethereum upgrades, “Shanghai” and “Capella”, which allow withdrawals on the execution layer. They also enhance the Beacon Chain consensus layer. Other changes reduce the gas fees on a network.

Other topics, such as 4844 transactions changes, SSZ and RPC, as well as SELFDESTRUCT improvement, were also discussed at Thursday’s All Core Developers Conference Executive meeting.
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The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is one the most anticipated changes since September’s Ethereum Merge. ETH stakes are awaiting to be removed from the beacon chain.

Furthermore, Ethereum staking is increasing ahead of the Shanghai upgrade. The Ethereum staked on the beacon chains has risen 16,692,823 with 519,517 active validateators. Experts predict that the ETH price will fluctuate significantly near the upgrade. They also expect a retest of $2,000.
The Ethereum price is currently trading at $1.662, down 1% over the last 24 hours, and up 8% over a week.
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