Just-In: Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining from Its Servers


Microsoft has changed its policy terms to clarify that mining cryptocurrency on its online services is not allowed without prior authorization. This upgrade is available to all users, even premium subscribers. It went into effect in December.
Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining
The upgrade prohibits users from mining on Microsoft’s online service, especially those connected to Azure cloud platform. Mining is the process that verifies and adds transaction records to proof of work blockchains.


These are the amended conditions for the universal license. They can be found under “accepted Use Policy” on Microsoft’s site.
Without Microsoft’s written consent, neither customer nor anyone accessing an Online Service through “Customer” may mine cryptocurrency using an Online Service.
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Microsoft joins other major companies like Google, who prohibit mining of cryptocurrencies on their cloud platforms without consent. Users on the free tier Amazon Web Services are also prohibited from mining.
Mining Disrupts Services
Microsoft released an official statement to the media stating that cryptocurrency mining could disrupt or impair Online Services and its users.


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This update was included in a statement that was distributed to Azure users. It was one of many steps taken by the partner ecosystem to protect software clients signed up for Azure’s cloud services.
Mining Malware on the Rise
Microsoft warned its users about a new malware program that could steal passwords, remove security measures, spread through email and eventually remove more features intended for human-operated activities.
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The crypto mining malware was known as “LemonDuck” and was intended to infect computers with Linux and Windows. It spread through phishing emails and exploits, USB devices and brute force attacks, affecting multiple countries, including India.

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