Kyle Davies, 3AC co-founder: FTX caused the downfall, not Luna


Kyle Davies, co-founder of 3AC, says that the Luna collapse was not responsible for Three Arrows Capital’s failure. Instead, the firm’s final investment was liquidated on FTX. Kyle DaviesIn a podcast with Hugh Hendry (hedge fund manager), Davies explains how the hedge funds collapsed. He said that the fund survived Luna’s collapse, the credit crisis and the decline in crypto values. However, it succumbed to FTX. He also stated that FTX, Alameda and the trading business communicated internal information. This was to ensure that the fund survived the collapse of Luna and the accompanying credit crisis.
It was a huge success for me. I invested $200 million, and it grew to zero. It was a success, but it was not a huge hit because I had a fund of $4-plus billion.
The overall price of crypto markets fell significantly at the same time. However, he said that this was not a major problem and that the corporation didn’t need to file for liquidation.
“It was OK for me at that moment. We were hurt, but we were still alive.
3AC was only able to be brought to its knees after all this. 3AC was only brought to its knees after all of this. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: 3ACAlameda ResearchFTXKyle DaviesLUNAZhu Su


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