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PRESS RELEASE. The official release of the MMORPG “GensoKishi Online – Meta World” took place on November 30th.
It is the web 3 version of the Japanese 3DMMO “Elemental Knights Online”, which won the “Game of the Year Gold Award 2012 in Taiwan” and has accumulated more that eight million downloads around the world.
The web3 release will allow avatars and in-game objects to be traded as NFTs. The Genso metaverse will include a 3DMMORPG, and a Polygon-based economy. Genso’s governance token $MV will be the foundation of this fantasy world. This token has already reached many milestones, including a record 69,000 participants in Bybit’s launchpool, the fastest sellout on Trustpad and the Kickstarter hall-of-fame on MEXC.
It is known as a 3DMMORPG and has an active user base. There is also a fully functioning 3D metaverse which allows users from all over the world to connect. This game allows players to go to dungeons with their friends and defeat monsters. They can also interact with other players around the world in real-time.
NFTs are skins for character avatars. They are also known as Cosplay NFTs or Cosplay NFTs in Genso. These Cosplay NFTs were created by a number of top game designers, including Yoshitaka Amonos, whose avatars can be found on the official marketplace.
It is worth noting that the in-game currency of the game can be converted into $ROND. This is a real crypto currency issued by Genso. The Bybit cryptocurrency exchange lists the $ROND cryptocurrency.
Unlike most social games, you can take items that you have acquired through play out of the game at any moment.
You can also strategically equip yourself with weapons (NFTs), which will allow you to defeat the monsters within each dungeon. Many Genso users have already decorated themselves in their own way to attack the monsters.
Official release coincides with the official opening of new shops at Genso Mall. Ledger, the most well-known manufacturer of hardware wallets in the world, is one of them. GENSO anticipates a large number of new players to web3 gaming. The Ledger shop will be a learning center for anyone interested in blockchain security or hardware wallets. Players can also purchase the “Ledger nano sword” – an in game item offered by Ledger. The first 80 players to purchase the item will receive a special GENSO collab Ledger Nano X.
Genso is a free to-play MMORPG, unlike many blockchain games that require a initial investment and a wallet connection. Genso is open to web 3 gamers as well as the vast majority web 2 gamers.
OS and Supported Devices

WebGL(Windows, Mac)

Major Future Updates

NFTs can be traded user-to-user
The Dragon Tower (PvP challenge dungeon)
Increased space in shopping malls
New collaboration NFTs available for sale
NFT rentals
UGC: Items and avatars created by users are then imported into the game.
Housing (Users design their home)
Participation of many celebrities and brands in the metaverse

To improve the game’s functionality, Alpha and Beta versions have been updated. Since the official release, several functions such as import and export NFTs/FTs have been improved.
LAND in the Genso Metaverse
The fantasy metaverse of Genso is made up of land parcels (=LAND).
Individuals and companies can buy and own LAND in Genso to create unique virtual spaces. If the virtual space is popular, the LAND’s value will increase, generating revenue once it is sold.
Genso’s $MV token allows users to create 3D NFTs, such as buildings, items, avatars, and other objects. Genso allows you to build NFTs and create many experiences. These include music concerts, art exhibitions, fashion events as well as games, quests, contests, and quests. You can furnish your home with item NFTs. These are 3D objects that you can use in the Genso universe. These items can be designed and sold by users, providing businesses with access to new markets that are not yet in the Web3 era.
December is the date for LAND sales. In the future, the UGC function will allow users to create their own kingdoms or maps.
These are the details. WHITEPAPER
GENSO is giving away a free 1×1 LAND as a celebration of the launch of LAND. A selection of winners will be chosen from the community.
GensoKishi Online -META WORLD- Community
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White Paper:
Genso will continue providing updates to crypto game enthusiasts about this project.
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