Magic Eden Announces Discount And Rewards System For Users


Members of Magic Eden can now earn discounts, awards, and other benefits by participating on the platform. The rewards system will officially launch on December 14th with five tiers that offer rewards to users who participate in the platform. These points can be used to earn points towards the program. Magic Eden, Solana’s top NFT and gaming market, will offer discounts and NFTs to users according to their activities. This action follows other initiatives to increase platform engagement, including the reinstatement of the creator royalty system. Chris Akhavan, Chief Gaming Officer, will work with the platform to increase web3 games sales. Magic Eden will continue to waive the platform fee until 2022. After that, it will introduce a “dynamic maker/taker” model for platform fees in January 2023. The payment payments would be split between buyers and sellers. Users could expect transaction discounts of between 5% to 45% depending on trader’s position, until fees resume. The firm is also working with “ecosystem Partners” to provide early access codes and trade research tools to users. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comThanaCoincu NewsTags: #MarketsChris Akhavanmagic edenNFTWeb3


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