MDFC is now available for trading on LBank Exchange


Road Town, BVI. 15 February 2023. ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global platform for digital asset trading, listed MDFC on Feb 14, 2023. All LBank Exchange users can now trade the MDFC/USDT trading pair. Modu Factory uses blockchain technology to bridge the gap between offline and online business transactions. Modu Factory is a brand new company that has many beauty products on the market. Many devices don’t accurately reflect the skin types of users, and many people experience side-effects after using the product. It seems that blockchain technology will be able to integrate existing beauty devices. The market is expecting integrated products that can be compared with and analyzed using other people’s data, but the reality of the matter is that existing beauty device companies are unable to keep up. Modu Factory (MDF), was created to solve these problems. Modu Factory (MDF) is a customized beauty product that takes into account the skin characteristics, lifestyle patterns, as well as the user’s environment. The future of beauty products must not only be high quality, but also manage through interaction with products. MDF analyzes the skin type of each person and combines “AI, IoT, and blockchain” technology to keep up with smart beauty trends and home beauty. MDF gathered such data to create customized beauty care products and an integrated ecosystem for beauty care. Modu Factory (MDF Foundation) also aims to blur the lines between online and offline transactions due to the rapid advancement of information communication technology and the blockchain industry. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are unique in that they can solve accessibility and reliability issues. These features build an open ecosystem that anyone can participate in as long as there is the Internet through decentralized governance, so as to achieve a unified financial ecosystem without online/offline boundaries.Therefore, MDF will work with various legislative bodies and industry experts in the financial field to develop an ecosystem, through which sustainable, safe and reliable services can be built. This ecosystem can also provide a common currency that can be used by people all over the globe. MDF can help reduce user acquisition costs by sharing customers among the platform’s alliance service companies. It also uses the global infrastructure of blockchain technology to support global cooperation between enterprises. It can also be used to optimize target users and realize efficient marketing through cross-offering. Additionally, MDF can improve the actual use and service quality of customers by integrating the payment from all participating companies and the points paid to each store according to each purchase. The global infrastructure of blockchain is used to support cooperation between global enterprises. These data will be used not only for personal reference but also as marketing points. They can be used to create objective indicators and compare and analyze the purchase trends of other users in the social network. MDF will issue future blockchain-based real estate, art, and other NFT coins to digitize assets. About MDFC TokenMDFC is Modu Factory Foundation’s native token. It can be used to pay in all MDF Alliance stores and in MDF-operated shopping centers. You can also get additional discounts by using MDFC token. Telegram It provides specialized financial derivatives, expert assets management services, and safe cryptocurrency trading to its users. The platform has over 9 million users, from more than 210 countries around the globe. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users’ funds and aims to contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.Start Trading Now: lbank.comCommunity & Social Media:Telegram LinkedIn

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