Messari CEO writes 2023 Crypto Theses Report


Ryan Selkis, co-founder and CEO at Messari, has published his 2023 Crypto Theses Report. He examines key trends and makes predictions for the next year. He begins by stating that although cryptocurrency portfolios have fallen 80% since the last report’s publication, the question is:
“Is this the darkness before the dawn or the beginning of an Arctic winter?”
He also shares his views on the following:
“Infrastructure investments in code security, decentralised software, virtual worlds and custody, protocol governance and blockchain scalability will all be in fashion. There will be less speculation about NFT. There will be fewer moon fumes.”
He claims that there is a certain amount “rage” behind the report due to all the bad actors in cryptocurrency that have taken over the stage and set back years of progress made by the good actors. The first part of the report is called “What H-A–P-E–N-E–D in 2022”. It is likely that this was a joke reference to a tweet by Sam Bankman Fried. The second part of the report, “Why crypto matters 2023”, is very likely a humorous one. He starts by praising Hal Finney for being a visionary and having inspired him. Then he writes about Bitcoin:
It has performed miraculously as a single purpose, commodity currency, and secure settlement system. It has been durable and will continue to serve its purpose as a powerful check against absolute sovereign authority.”
The rest of the report is more on Bitcoin, Privacy Coins, Stablecoins, and finally a chapter on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their dystopian character.Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used or offered as legal, tax or investment, financial or any other advice.


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