NFT Collection HAKI NFT Review, Stats and Price


What is an HAKI NFT and how does it work? HAKI NFT are non-fungible tokens that were created on the Ethereum network, which was launched in April 2022. OpenSea now has 5,000 items from the HAKI NFT Collection. The market capitalization for the HAKI NFT NFT Collection is 47.80 ETH. The HAKI NFT collection has sold 10,653 collections at an average price 0.25 ETH ($422.44 as of the time of writing). This resulted in a total volume of 2,636.442 Ethereum. The HAKI NFT floor price is 0.01 and the trading volume for 30-days is 0.39 ETH. The payment tokens for the HAKI NFT collection include WETH and ETH. Why are some NFTs more expensive than others? NFTs are relatively new to the blockchain ecosystem. Because it is an emerging market, there isn’t any historical data or precedent that can help determine the value of an NFT. NFT projects that were established at the peak of the market boom have gained legitimacy simply because they were the first to move. These “established” NFT project have had the chance to learn from the problems that plagued the NFT market, and have become more valuable. Many people made huge profits from the NFT boom, which created a market for opportunists to profit from the market growth. Some NFTs can be called digital art if they are created by an artist who recognizes how valuable NFTs are to the creative space. Others were made out of greed and a desire to profit from the enormous market growth. NFT projects that are driven by greed and exploitation often have little value and end up being garbage. This assessment will be easier when the market for NFTs and other metaverses becomes more active. Price is also affected by how the HAKI NFT Collection is developed and promoted by its creators.
Seller fee to dev: 1000 basis point Buyer Fee: 0 Basis Points seller fee: 250 basis points
Buyer fee: 0 basis point
Seller fee: 1250 basis point
HAKI NFT editors listThe approved editor’s accounts of HAKI NFT collection are 0xe1a371170320ff5819c4a36a8787593226d96118.Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, financial, or any other advice.


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