NFT Trading Now Live on Uniswap


Uniswap Lab’s NFT aggregator portal went live earlier today. Genie users received a $5 million USDC Airdrop. Uniswap Announces Aggregator Tool Uniswap has finally launched its NFT aggregator platform. Users will be able NFT trade from multiple marketplaces. Twitter was the first to announce the launch of the aggregator.
“NFTs are now live on Uniswap! NFTs can now be traded across major marketplaces. We are also offering gas rebates to the 22,000 first buyers and airdropping $5M USDC for historical Genie users.
The company recently completed its Series B funding round to fund new offerings. Uniswap users will be able to trade digital collectibles on leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and X2Y2, LooksRare and Sudoswap. The aggregator tool will also allow them to trade digital collectibles on Larva Labs, Foundation and NFT20. According to the team, users will have access to the most NFTs at the lowest prices because Uniswap has 35% more listings than other marketplaces. The platform claims that gas fees will be 15% less than other NFT aggregators due to its open-sourced Universal Router contract. The aggregator’s first 22,000 users will receive discounts on gas prices. The team also stated that all front-end code was open-sourced, making it the most popular NFT platform to do this. Genie Holders to Receive FundsThe Genie, a decentralized crypto exchange, had previously acquired Genie, an NFT marketplace aggregator in June. The announcement states that the firm will offer funds of up to $5 million USDC to Genie users who have been around for a while to welcome them into the Uniswap family. These funds will be distributed based on a snapshot taken April 15 across two tiers of recipients. Wallets that have completed more than one transaction prior to the snapshot will be awarded $300 in USDC. Wallets that held the Genie:Genesis NFT (worth $1000) will be eligible for $1000. Interoperability between ERC-20 and NFTsThe team also released a more detailed statement on Twitter, explaining the motivation behind building interoperability between ERC-20 and NFT tokens.
“NFTs, ERC-20 tokens, and crypto have been largely seen as separate ecosystems within crypto. However, both are vital to the growth of the digital economy. We are starting to build more interoperable experiences between them by launching NFTs on Uniswap.
The statement claimed that the aggregator was designed to deliver better prices and faster indexing, safer smart contract executions, and more efficient execution. Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.


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