NvirWorld, a blockchain company, signs an MOU with World Vision: Help the earthquake in Turkey-Syria


Singapore, 18 February 2023. ChainwireNvirWorld, a blockchain technology innovation company and World Vision, a non-governmental organization (NGO), for international relief, and development, signed a business agreement at World Vision Korea’s headquarters. The MOU signed by the largest NGO in the world aims to create a transparent and healthy culture of donation. NvirWorld’s blockchain patent technology allows transactions and payments to be made in remote areas and in the face of natural disasters like earthquakes. This patented technology allows payments and transactions to be made without the need for an internet connection. NvirWorld announced that all profits from the sale of Lee Lee Nam’s solo exhibit, “Encounter”, will be donated to the UNICEF International Children’s Fund campaign in Afghanistan and Haiti. NvirWorld is a pioneering company specializing in the development and provision of advanced services and blockchain technology. NvirWorld currently operates several Ethereum and Solana multichain platforms, including the NFT Marketplace Nvir Market, the DeFi Virtual Asset Investment platform N-Hub, “NWX” NFT and their deflationary token NVIR. NvirWorld has also successfully addressed fundamental problems with the Play-to Earn (P2E), and has incorporated their patented technology into its Decentralized Exchange INNODEX, which is due to launch in Q1. NvirWorld has over 40 developers who are working tirelessly to expand the ecosystem. Its mainnet, which can be used even without an internet connection and is scheduled for release in Q4, will make significant progress in the blockchain industry. It is worth noting that the “NVIR” will be the designated gas fee upon their mainnet’s launch. ContactJiEun SiaNvirWorld Limited[emailprotect]


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