Optimism (OP) Rises By 11% When A new Upgrade Becomes Available


Key Points: According to Optimism the Bedrock upgrade’s effect is long-term. Therefore, the emphasis is placed on creating a protocol that works well for everyone.
The upgrade is scheduled to help in the correction or removal of all bugs found by community members during the Bedrock Bug Bounty.
Optimism (OP), an Ethereum based Layer 2 (L2) Blockchain protocol, has rescheduled the Bedrock upgrade voting cycle. The new upgrade will be available from March 2 through April 5, allowing everyone to take part in this historic event. This upgrade will help in correcting or removing all bugs found by community members during the Bedrock Bug Bounty. The generous time allowed for protocol fixes will allow core team members the opportunity to fix all bugs detected once the voting period has ended. “We remain confident in the Bedrock upgrade and we believe that the bounty contest will be successful in our initial proposal. This is Token House’s first upgrade vote. It is important to set strict standards in all future protocol upgrades,” the notice stated. Any protocol bug fixes are intended to improve the overall usability and usability of the blockchain. Optimism states that the Bedrock upgrade will have a long-lasting impact. Therefore, the focus is on creating a protocol that is accessible to all. This is because the more useful Optimism, the more likely it will be that demand for the token increases, supporting the price rise. Previously, Optimism Collective published a blog post stating that the OP Network conducted a surprise Token Airdrop that sent 11.7 million Governance Tokens out to more than 300,000 wallets. The airdrop is being carried out by Optimism to gain an advantage over Arbitrum, a layer-2 Ethereum. OP tokens fell 13% as Optimism’s Circulating Supply increased. Despite this, the OP has risen by almost 200% in the past few weeks. The OP has increased by nearly 200% in the last few weeks, unlike Optimism’s first airdrop in July 2022 which required users to manually claim their allocations. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: https://linktr.ee/coincuChubbiCoincu NewsTags: BlockchaincryptoEthereummarketoptimismoptimism airdrop


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