RACA, JAZ DID and HUOBI Founders Reveal 2023 Upcoming Strategies for the First time


RACA3.com (USM.WORLD), JAZ DID founders, Dr. Watney, and co-founder French Montana (‘Unforgettable’ rapper), hosted a live panel discussion on SocialFi and DID transformation. Justin Sun – Huobi Global advisor, and TRON founder, shared their vision for the future of SocialFi and DID transformation. The game can host up to one billion users simultaneously and allow them to create minigames using javascript. The alpha version of the beta version will be available on their BNB sidechain in Q1-2023. JAZ DID, the most popular decentralized identity solution for.bab, has announced a partnership to Vato Labs by Vapollo Group. This is the largest virtual anime management company that offers in-person virtual anime character concerts. Vato Labs will launch a variety of games that RACA users can play. The first game is ‘LOOKI LOOKI ZI’, a web3-version of social game Among Us’ (also known as Mafia and Killer). It was named after the bluechip NFT ‘Looki” and French Montana Jacuzzi’. The game offers customizable skin options for Vtubers (Virtual Youtubers) partnered with the game, and limited characters for blue-chip NFT communities. Dr. Watney stated that it is a huge advantage to use web3.0 technology in order to allow players to play with Binance BNB or RACA. Justin, French and Tracy can play the game together. Each player can contribute 1BNB to the prize pool. The game will get more intense and more exciting. 20 rounds will equal 20BNB. It’s a healthy model for the platform. It’s fun to play and skillful to earn for players.” Justin Sun, web3 entrepreneur, founder and advisor of Huobi Global, spoke about Dominica’s success with its decentralized identity program. The number of users who have registered for Dominica’s identity on Huobi has exceeded 150,000, which is twice the actual Dominica citizens. We aim to bring more people into the metaverse by exploring and implementing Dominica DID. The metaverse digital identity can also be used to verify KYC. Metaverse citizens will have their own bank cards and passports. French Montana, a Grammy-nominated rapper and co-founder of Jaz DID and RACA, spoke about the importance of the cryptocurrency revolution for artists around the world. French Montana, a Grammy-nominated rapper, spoke out about the importance and future of cryptocurrency for artists worldwide. This is why.bab makes sense to me. It’s more than a membership. We can create identities and nurture communities. You can view the DID history of artists to see who they support, how royalties were spent, how they give back, and how they can help artists do more. Artists can also learn more about their fans and connect with them to make more impactful collaborations.


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