Report: Digital assets inflows reached $433M by 2022


According to Coinshares, Bitcoin and multi-asset investments products saw inflows of $287 million and $209 millions last year. News Ho-hoo-ho! Limited Holiday Trait The crypto winter did not affect investors’ appetite for digital assets, but they encouraged investments in crypto assets in an industry that was experiencing price declines and the collapse of many players. In the weekly report, James Butterfill, a researcher at CoinShares, stated that “in a year when bitcoin prices fell by 63% and a clear bear market precipitated irrational excesses and an overly-hawkish FED, investors on the majority still choose to invest.” “Bitcoin (BTC), multi-asset investments products and Bitcoin (BTC) were the biggest winners of 2022, with inflows of $287 million and $209 millions, respectively. The inflows last year were lower than those in 2020 and 2021, both bull markets years, which reached $9.1 billion each. According to the researcher, “They remain a niche asset.” According to the researcher, Canada and Sweden saw the largest outflows last fiscal year, with $436 million and $446 respectively. Butterfill stated that “Ethereum had an extremely turbulent year, which we believe was due both to investor concerns about a successful transition from proof of stake to un-staking and continued issues over the timing to un-staking, which will occur in Q2 2023.” Comparatively, outflows in 2022 reached just 0.7% per week.


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