Sam Bankman-Fried may not be allowed to play League of Legends anymore


Sam Bankman-Fried can access the internet via various devices for most of the time. Prosecutors are trying to change that. News Collect this piece of history. It is therefore necessary to place more restrictions on the defendant’s use of his cellphone, tablet, computer, as well as internet usage. There are some exceptions. “The prosecutors propose that Bankman-Fried should be prohibited from using cellphones, tablets, computers, or the internet, except for very limited uses such as reviewing pre-trial evidence, communicating with lawyers, and accessing emails.Here’s the list of proposed new bail restrictions that SBF is going completely ignore, without any real consequences– Sean Tuffy (@SMTuffy) February 15, 2023
He would be limited to one cell phone and one computer, which would be monitored. Using a “pen Register” — a device that essentially creates a list of phone number of internet addresses contacted by a specific source. Bankman-Fried is known to be an avid gamer and has been seen playing League of Legends online during fundraising rounds at FTX. Bankman Fried also said in an interview with the New York Times that he enjoys playing online video games. This was after he was discovered by the Justice Department that he had used a VPN twice to view sports coverage. This ban will be discussed further during a February 16 hearing. While Bankman-Fried was required to wear an ankle bracelet, but allowed him full internet access from his parents’ California home, SBF will spend Christmas at home with his parents instead of being locked up in a cell. What kind of justice is this? – Layah Heilpern (@LayahHeilpern), December 23, 2022


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