SHIB Community Members, Countdown Clock Hint Shibarium launch is imminent


A slew of social media posts indicate that Shiba Inu, the meme crypto project, is planning to launch the highly-anticipated Shibarium, a layer 2 (L2) project. It was originally supposed to launch in the third quarter. Shiba Inu supporters believe that the Shibarium launch will be imminent because many community members have shared animated images of countdown clocks via social media.
Meme Token Project Shiba Token Hints at Launching Shibarium L2 Scaling Application
The meme token shiba Inu (SHIB), increased by 2.3% against the U.S. Dollar on Dec. 19, 2022 amid many rumors that the layer two (L2) project Shibarium was on its way. News reported the L2 project Shibarium in June 2022. It was reportedly due to launch by the third quarter.
It was reported that the developers of the SHIB-centric, L2 scaling project launched Shibarium from a private location during the alpha testnet phase. The wallet application was the most difficult part of software development, but the developers claimed that the results were excellent.

On Dec. 15, a Shiba Inu member and Discord admin named “Shibakraken”, tweeted an animated clock image. Another community member, Shib Trophias, also tweeted an animated image of a clock countdown. These teases could be hinting at the launch of L2 Shibarium.
One SHIB fan responded to Shib Trophias’ tweet with the words “Can’t wait for What Happens When The Clock Stops Tickling”,
Social media users are speculating that Shibarium could launch soon. “Classy,” a SHIB proponent, said that “the BIG Day for SHIB” is tomorrow — Many are speculating that Shibarium could soon be launched. This would be huge. We’ve been waiting [for] what seems like forever.” December 17th, Shib Trophias updated this community with a tweet. He stated:
Our main website needs to be updated first. This was a necessary step in our march towards Shibarium’s Beta launch. The website will not be launched all at once. We will roll out phases and make sure it goes smoothly. We hope you like it.
The countdown clock on shows that there are just three hours remaining. The verified SHIB account (@shibtoken) shared the countdown on December 17.
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