Shibarium is closer to launch: This is what the lead dev reveals


BONE and Shiba Inu saw a price rise in the last 24 hour ahead of the highly-anticipated Shibarium launch. The “confirmed logo” of the layer 2 network was shared by prominent SHIB influencers. Shytoshi Kusama is the lead Shiba Inu developer. He posted on Telegram that ‘Shibarium was ready’ and that he would be releasing mediums to “introduce Shib Army” to the layer-2 Blockchain.
Official Shibarium Logo: Is it Finally Over?
Lucie, a prominent Shiba Inu influencer, shared the “confirmed logo of Shibarium.” It was confirmed when Shytoshi Kusama used it as his cover photo. This image contains both the logo, and the “Shibarium” inscription.


Shytoshi wrote on 14 February, “Saying here, what I just said (overrun with fudders, Shadowcats)”. Go enjoy Vday. Tomorrow will see the release of my 1st medium in a series introducing the world Shibarium. The bow looks great, but I won’t release anything until @kaaldhairya has finished her mourning.”
The development suggests that the public beta launch of the L2 network’s L2 network is just around the corner.

“Wait WOT! Damn, that’s HOT! #ShytoshiKusama declares #Shibarium Ready and will release mediums to introduce #ShibArmy into the #Blockchain L2! $Shib #Shiba”
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– Lady Crypto (@ShibArmy_4Life).
Shiba Inu, and BONE towards Moon


The meme coin Shiba Inu has seen huge gains over the past 24 hours with its price increasing more than 5%. SHIB was trading at $0.00001303, with a daily trading value of $399.142,556 at the time of writing. It has seen a 25.15% increase in the past 30 days making it one the top crypto gainers since 2023.
Bone ShibaSwap was up 11.45% to $1.51. It has a market capitalization at $347,494,064 with a trading volume of almost 193.23% and a market capitalization that is close to $347,494,064 It now stands at $27.533,399. According to CoinMarketCap, the circulating supply of Bitcoin is 229,928,600 BONE.

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