Stats show that Ethereum transaction fees have remained below $5 for the last 175 days


Statistics show that fees tied to Ethereum have been below the $5 region per transaction for the past 175 days. Statistics show that the average ethereum transaction was around 0.0023 ether, or $2.87. The median-sized gas fee is approximately 0.00097ether or $1.23 per transaction. The Ethereum gas metrics show that high transfer fees are even lower then the median and average-sized gas payments.
Post-Merge Ethereum fees remain much lower than last year reported that the average transaction fee for Ethereum was 62.84 U.S. Dollars per transaction on November 9, 2021. Today’s average gas cost to send ether is around $2.87, which is 95.43% less than it was a year ago in November 2020.
To prevent spam on the Ethereum network, gas is used. Every transaction onchain requires a certain amount gas to push the transfer. Since The Merge, and especially since June 18, 2022, Ethereum fees have been much lower.
Since then, ether fees have averaged under $5 for approximately 175 days, with a brief spike of $5 per transaction on November 8, 2022. This was also the day that crypto markets experienced extreme price fluctuations because of the FTX collapse.

For most of the 175-day period average ether fees were below the $3 range. The same is true for Ethereum’s median-sized fees, which remained below $2 per transfer for most of the time.
According to’s current gas tracker, high-priority fees are lower than’s average and median-sized fees. As of Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022’s Gas Tracker shows that a high-priority Ethereum fee is around 21 gwei, or $0.48 per transfer.
This value can be used to send crypto asset ethereum to (ETH) as it costs less gas to interact with smart contracts that send an ERC20 token, or perform an onchain swap. The onchain fee for Opensea non-fungible tokens (NFT) listing is $1.74 per transaction.

It costs $1.31 to send an ERC20 token such as USDT or USDC. On Saturday, a user may have to pay $4.48 in gas fees for swapping an ERC20 currency. Although onchain fees for Ethereum have been low, L2 fees (or layer two) have been much lower over the past 175 days.
Arbitrum fees for sending ether are $0.03 per transfer, while Optimism L2 transfers are estimated to cost $0.10. Similar to traditional onchain Ethereum network transfers, Zksync and Loopring, Polygon Hermez (Boba), and Aztec L2 transactions have a lower value.
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