Step by Step: How to Transfer Cryptocurrency from Binance to PayPal


Users can transfer cryptocurrency funds to PayPal from Binance using the same steps as for transfers from Binance and MetaMask. This is possible by following a few simple steps. Both Coinbase and Binance users are interested in transferring funds to PayPal. This is how you can send cryptocurrency from Binance and PayPal.
Click on the Withdraw button.
Click on the Crypto tab.
Select the right network, then choose the currency you wish to withdraw.
Copy and paste the address of your PayPal crypto wallet.
Authenticate your transfer.
Click confirm to confirm your transaction.
That’s it! That’s it! Before you can start this process, you will need to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Log into your Binance account.
Select the Withdraw tab.
Click on the Fiat tab and select the currency you wish to transfer to PayPal.
Enter the withdrawal information and click on continue to proceed.
Check transfer details before clicking on confirm.
Enter a verification code to authenticate your transfer.
PayPal allows you to fund Binance. PayPal allows its users to send cryptocurrency from their PayPal accounts to other wallets or exchanges. To do this, you must log into PayPal and navigate to the crypto section.
Click on Transfers and then click the Send option
Complete the ID verification steps
Enter the exchange wallet address. In this case, it is a binance address.
Pay the transaction fee
Confirm the transaction.
What are the fees for Binance to PayPal?
Binance states that withdrawal rates are determined by blockchain networks and can fluctuate without notice due factors such as network congestion.
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