The 2022 worst celebrity NFT cash grabs and influencers


From Donald Trump’s trading card collection to Tai Lopez’s bizarre NFT collection, 2022 was another year of poorly planned NFT drops by big-names. New Year Special Ho-hoo-ho! Limited Holiday Trait Available! Cointelegraph’s 2022 edition of the worst celebrity NFT cash grabs and influencers looks at four projects. [embedded material] Lopez launched a collection titled the “OG (Original Garage Social Club)” in March. The NFTs were available in three levels of rarity. They ranged from $150 to $50,000 for the lower end tokens, while the premium tokens offered exclusive benefits like a one-on-1 basketball game with Lopez, dinner together, and mentorship sessions. Tai Lopez is selling an NFT that will give you the chance to win $10,000 if he beats you at 1 on 1. The price? $50,000.– Coffeezilla (@coffeebreak_YT) March 5, 2022
OpenSea’s current data shows a grim picture. The floor price for all NFTs, regardless of rarity or value, is 0.08 Ether (ETH), or $97 at the time. The premium NFTs are on sale at as low as 0.08 Ether (ETH) ($1069). A NFT that grants access to a one-on-1 dinner with Lopez is currently on sale at 1 ETH ($1214), despite being originally sold for $30,000. Donald Trump — Trump Digital Trading Card. Despite being a vocal crypto-hater, Donald Trump announced in December a bizarre licensed NFT project that included 45,000 self-themed trading card. The NFTs’ poor and possibly plagiarized artwork depicted Trump as a hunter, cowboy, superhero, and golfer. NFTs gave buyers the chance to win one-on-one encounters with the 45th president through sweepstakes. OpenSea Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs However, the price has fallen to 0.164ETH ($199) since then. People who bought in first are likely to be in the green. However, Trump’s NFT project is still a good investment as it earned around $4.5million from its initial sales. A 10% creator fee continues to be paid to it via secondary markets. Floyd Mayweather Jr. — MayweverseBoxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also on the 2022 list for an NFT program that appears to have been abandoned at the time this article was written. Tweeting Mar. 22. Mayweather announced the “Mayweverse”, which consists of 5,000 NFT collectibles. He said, “If you are in NFT and you’re betting upon me, you will not lose.” Before the project slow rugs. Are you known for promoting scams?– ZachXBT (@zachxbt) March 21, 2022
On April 1, the NFTs were initially sold at a mint price of $900. 13 hodlers had the chance to win cash prizes of $5,000 to $30,000 as well as exclusive experiences like joining Mayweather in a new Metaverse called “Floyd’s Gym.” The Mayweverse Twitter account has been dormant since the mint. There has not been a single follow up tweet throughout 2022. It is not known if any prizes were won or when the Metaverse will ship. The website’s roadmap is still unpublished, despite initial statements that other “future benefits” would be announced soon. Click “Collect” below the illustration or follow this link. OpenSea data makes it difficult to determine what is happening with this project. One Maywevere collection is for sale on the marketplace. It contains 73 tokens, but they have no price history and are not available for purchase. Another collection contains five NFTs that were last sold for less than 0.050 wrapped ETH ($60), but have a floor of 0.1 Ethereum ($121). The project’s Twitter account is also suspended. Rhoades claimed that the avatars could be used in the Metaverse and offered a host of utility services such as whitelist access for future drops, inclusion in a Metaverse community and signed merch. Rhoades claimed that she was trying to make the project a profitable investment for holders, so they can sell it for more than what they paid to mint. “Deleted Crypto Sis photos: Instagram” However, none of this has been realized, leading people to accuse Rhoades of running a rug pull. Rhoades countered that the project failed and she had no way to fix it.


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