The World’s Largest NFT Market Opensea Adds BNB Blockchain support


Opensea, the world’s largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in terms of total NFT sales volume, announced Tuesday that it will now support BNB blockchain-based NFTs on its marketplace platform. Opensea users can now purchase and list BNB NFT assets with BNB blockchain support.
Opensea integrates BNB Chain — Marketplace users can now buy and list BNB-based NFT assets
According to statistics from, Opensea has now sold more than $33 billion in total sales. Opensea announced that the BNB blockchain will be supported by the market, allowing users to purchase and list BNB-based non fungible token assets (NFT).
Opensea supports already Ethereum, Solana and Klaytn as well as Arbitrum, Optimismsm, Avalanche and Polygon networks. According to Tuesday’s announcement to News the “BNB Chain” will be launched on Opensea’s Seaport Protocol in Q4 2022. This will allow multiple creator payouts and real-time payouts. It also allows collection management and other benefits for BNB Chain Creators.
Jeremy Fine, Opensea’s head of corporate and business development, stated on Tuesday that Opensea is looking forward to increasing the number of blockchains available for its users. Fine stated that Seaport will be leveraging across multiple blockchains, including BNB Chain to improve the Opensea experience.
The Opensea executive added:
This update will make it easier to reach more users and creators on the chain they love.

Statistics show that BNB has a large number of daily active users compared to other smart contract-enabled Blockchains. According to data, NFT sales from the BNB chain were sixth in seven days.
BNB-based NFT sales are up by 26.71% week over week at the time this article was written, with approximately $826,408 in the last seven days. Stats show that BNB-based NFT sales have raked in $4.9 million over 180,720 transactions during the last month.
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