Twitter’s Paid Blue Tick Relaunches after Pause, But There’s a Catch


Twitter will relaunch ‘Twitter Blue Tick’ for its users. The company suspended the service after it was launched a month ago due to the creation of fake accounts. Twitter announced that users will soon be able buy a subscription for ‘Twitter Blue.


Basic Blue will only have half as many ads. Next year, we will offer a higher tier without ads.
December 13, 2022, Elon Musk (@elonmusk).

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What is a blue checkmark?
Twitter’s blue checkmark used to be given to celebrities, government institutions, journalists, and companies after verification by the platform. After the company’s acquisition, Elon Musk, an industrialist, has created a new system. Anyone can purchase a “Blue Check” by paying eight dollars per month. This will cost iPhone users $ 11 per month. Apple receives 30 percent of the revenue from the iOS App. Twitter also offers separate checkmarks to government and business accounts.


According to the company, subscribers will have access to the exclusive benefits. These features include a blue checkmark. After their account has been reviewed, subscribers will be able to edit tweets, 1080P video upload and reader mode. They also get a blue checkmark. A golden official label will be given to business accounts, while government accounts will receive a gray checkmark.
Twitter stated that subscribers will be able change their handle, display names, and profile photos. They will temporarily lose their Blue checkmark until they account is reviewed again. After fake accounts were created on the platform and copied celebrities and brands, it was eventually removed.

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