Two Bored Apes are sold for $1M each: Nifty newsletter, Nov. 23-29


Two NFT collectors paid nearly $1 million to acquire Bored Ape NFTs at the height of bear market. Newsletter This week’s newsletter features information about how two Bored Ape Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs), sold for nearly $1 million during the bear markets. Also, learn how the word “metaverse”, made it into the top three finalists of the Oxford Word of the Year. You can learn how passive income can be generated by the metaverse through royalties, and how NFT platform OpenSea has integrated BNB Chain in its platform. This week’s Nifty News features COVID-19 protests from China and how they were converted into a Polygon based NFT collection. ‘Metaverse is a top three contender for Oxford’s Word of the Year. The word “metaverse”, has made it to the top three finalists for the Oxford Word of the Year competition (WOTY). The word will compete against “IStandWith”, “Goblin Mode” and other contenders. The Oxford University Press (OUP), publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, described the metaverse in a video pitch as “a hypothetical virtual world in which users interact with each other’s avatars and their surrounding in an immersive way.” Continue reading…OpenSea’s Seaport Protocol welcomes creators and holders of NFT on BNB ChainOpenSea announced plans to integrate BNB Chain into their NFT marketplace by 2022. The platform’s users will be able to sell and buy NFTs based upon BNB Chain through the integration. The integration will allow creators in the BNB Chain to receive multiple payouts, real time payouts, and collection management. BNB Chain’s executive stated that they aim to offer better experiences to users of both platforms. This integration will allow creators to access a wider system and enable NFT initiatives within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Continue reading…ApeCoin geoblocks US stakers; two Apes sell at $1M each, new marketplace launched. While the rest of crypto community is still dealing with the bear market effects, some collectors are constantly adding to their NFT collections. The anonymous NFT collector Keungz purchased BAYC #232 for 800 Ether (ETH), approximately $950,000 at the time. BAYC #1268, on the other hand was transferred in a transaction among two unknown wallets. The NFT piece was purchased for 780 ETH. This transaction is estimated to have cost around $940,000. Continue reading… The metaverse is a new frontier in passive income generation. Cointelegraph explored the metaverse to generate passive income. John Burris, a metaverse app executive, told Cointelegraph in an interview that there are many opportunities to make money in the metaverse. Burris said that blockchain and NFTs unlock true ownership and create a new royalty model that allows funds back to the original creator. This provides a “well-deserved passive revenue” as items are traded. Continue reading…Nifty news: China’s lockdown protest NFTs emerge. Candy Digital cuts staff. Meanwhile, OpenSea has uploaded images showing the COVID-19 protests in China as NFTs. Silent Speech, a collection that was based on Polygon, featured 135 NFTs. It included images of protesters, signs and graffiti, as well as screenshots, that are related to the ongoing protests against China’s zero tolerance policy for COVID-19. Candy Digital, an NFT company, has laid off a large portion of its employees after NFT trading volumes fell in 2022. Continue reading…Thank you for reading this digest of the most important developments in the NFT space. For more information and insights into this dynamic space, visit us next Wednesday.


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