Two of the largest creditors of Mt.Gox agree to receive Bitcoin compensation


Key Points: The two largest creditors to Mt. Gox has decided to receive its bankruptcy recovery payments primarily via bitcoin (BTC).
The settlement will result in the creditors receiving 90% of the recoverable amount. The compensation is expected to be paid by September 30, this year.
You can wait until all Mt. You may receive a higher payout if Gox is settled. However, you may need to wait 5 to 9 more years.
People familiar with the matter say that the two largest creditors to Mt.Gox’s collapsed cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox accepted bitcoin compensation payments. The Mt.Gox Investment Fund and Bitcoinica will each receive 90% of their recoverable funds. They are expected to receive their compensation on September 30th year. The two creditors together make up about a fifth the total claim of Mt.Gox. The payments will be made as part of an earlier one-time payment option for creditors, currently scheduled to arrive on September 30. The Japanese trustee oversees the process, and has a history for being on time. Still, creditors have no guarantee that it will be at least 90% of the recoverable shares guaranteed by the one-time liquidity calculation.Creditors have until March 10, 2023, to decide whether to receive the proposed early lump sum or continue to wait for a potentially larger payment at an unspecified future date.Mt.Gox, once the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, was hacked in 2014. Hackers stole 850,000 bitcoins and $460 million in bitcoin cash (BCH) from Mt.Gox. The balance of Mt.Gox was approximately 142,000 bitcoins, 143,000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and 69 billion Japanese Yen. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comFoxyCoincu NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#Bitcoin#MarketsBlockchaincryptomt.gox


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