UK seeks a cryptocriminal fighter with a salary of $50K


The UK’s top crime agency seeks a crypto investigator who has experience in recovering seed phrases and identifying them. News Ho-hoo! News Ho-ho-ho! Chris Lewis-Evans, director of infrastructure investigations at NCA, said that this was a great opportunity to work in a team that is at the forefront protecting the U.K. against cyber crime. He added:”Cryptocurrency and virtual assets are widely viewed as specialist areas of knowledge, and this role is key to supporting NCA investigations in which these are used to enable serious criminality. “NCA is looking for a cryptocriminal investigator who has a good understanding of crypto and experience in conducting forensic investigations on serious and organised crime using blockchains. This will support both existing and new investigations. The position requires expertise in the identification and recovery of seed phrases and advanced tracing through Blockchains. Candidates are invited to apply by Jan. 10, 2023. The U.K. government introduced a bill in September 2022 to combat money laundering and fraud. It also expanded authorities’ ability to seize and enforce crypto.


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