Vitalik Buterin: The crypto blues: Keep your eyes on the tech and not the price


The Ethereum co-founder recommended that weary crypto investors focus on the tech and not price monitoring. News Own this piece in crypto history. Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum co-founder, has offered some wise advice to traders who are feeling the pain of the crypto bear markets: Focus on the tech and not the price. This is a response to CoinMamba’s Dec. 3 post. It is likely that many crypto investors feel the same way. I want to make a change in my life and move on. Tired of all these fraudsters and scammers ..– CoinMamba December 3, 2022
“After 9 years of crypto, I’m pretty exhausted. I want to make a change in my life. CoinMamba stated that she was tired of being swindled and scammed by fraudsters. Since the collapse of FTX, the crypto industry has been bombarded with unsavory news. This was especially true after BlockFi was recently taken over by the contagion. Ankr, a BNB Chain-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi), protocol, recently confirmed that it was the victim of a multi-million-dollar exploit on Dec. 1. According to PeckShield statistics, hackers were already responsible for the theft in 2022 of more than $2.98 billion worth of digital assets. The Ronin bridge exploit was responsible for a large portion of the $625 million in stolen crypto assets in March. Buterin suggested that instead of focusing on trading and investing, Buterin would recommend moving away from these “circles”. He said that this is a way to combat all the negativity. “Much more signal is better than noise (especially in Ethereum ecosystem), and the tech side of things is much more exciting than the markets. With the completion of the long-awaited Merge (September 15), which saw the network move from proof-of work to proof-of stake (PoS), investors have plenty to be focused on this year. Buterin added a new category to the Ethereum technical roadmap. This milestone aims to improve censorship resistance as well as decentralization. Buterin stated that being in it for the technology is a positive culture pivot relative to being in the market for price movements. In November, Buterin spoke out to Bloomberg, saying that the collapse in the FTX crypto exchange had lessons for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Although he called the FTX collapse a “huge tragedy”, he also pointed out that the problem was not in technology but in people. He added that the underlying stability and technology that powers the crypto asset economy have not been questioned.


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